Yet Another Reason to Own Individual Disability Insurance.
Click here - For the details of the case, Fortis Benefits Insurance Co. vs. Hauer, Supreme Court of North Dakota, Dec. 5, 2001.

Chicken Soup For the Soul - changing the world one story at a time...
Equity-Indexed Annuities - a complex choice
How Can You dominate Your Markets? - Marketing Strategies
The Little Red Wagon Script - MDRT sales advice
A New Marketplace is Taking Shape - changes in life product pricing
Illinois Mutual Fact Finder - disability income cases
WCL Application Hints - reasons applications are declined
Safety Cushion - equity indexed annuities offer clients a share of the market's gains while protecting against a loss (reprinted with the permission of Financial Planning Magazine).

Personal History Life and DI - This should help you with your Life & DI cases. You probably have been “blind-sided” by customers who don’t tell you about important concerns. This is a tool that we designed to help you avoid those surprises.

Life Insurance Needs Calculator Tool - Have you ever wondered if there's a quick way to answer the question: "How much Life Insurance do I need?"

Annuity Interest Rate Comparisons:

MYG - Multi Year Guarantee Fixed Annuities - Please call us
This comparison features some annuity products with interest rates guaranteed 3 to 10 years.

Immediate Annuity Comparison - Please call us
This comparison highlights the monthly payouts from some of our most competitive SPIAs.

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